The Cash family are the kidnapped family of James Earl Cash. During the scene Strapped for Cash, each member is tied up at a different section with a hunter wielding a revolver guarding each of them, who will kill a family member if he spots the player. Each of them can be freed by killing the nearby hunters and cutting the ropes with a sharp item like a machete or glass shard.

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James was never really close to his family. When he is forced to participate in a snuff film, Starkweather orders the Cash Family to be kidnapped and placed at Carcer City Zoo to be taken hostage by the Wardogs. James is ordered to save them as he makes his way through the zoo while killing off the Wardogs. He is required to save at least one of his family members.

After this, one of the surviving family members is taken to Carcer Mall, where he/she is executed by one of the Innocentz with a machete while their death is filmed. Starkweather leads James to the tape containing the filmed execution in the scene View of Innocence. Upon viewing the footage on a TV in a bar, James destroys the TV in a fit of rage.

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