Characters that make up the story of Manhunt 2, consist of the playable character, antagonists, supporting characters, hunters, as well as mentioned characters.


Protagonists are main playable characters.


Daniel Lamb

A former scientist for the Project. Danny was locked up in Dixmor Asylum, but due to a power failure and a riot, he was able to escape, with no memory about his past. Once on the outside, Danny becomes a target for hitmen and must kill them all to survive.


Leo Kasper

Danny's second personality, implanted in his mind by the Project. A former goverment hitman, who now lives only in Danny's mind, helps Danny escape and fight back against the Project.

Major CharactersEdit

Major characters play an important role in the story and appear many times.


Dr. Pickman

The head scientist of the Project. After the escape of Danny and Leo, Pickman pays many bounty hunters after them, as well as informs many Project associates and law enforcement officers of their escape.


Laura Whyte

Another scientist for the Project and Danny's former lab partner. Dr. Whyte would try to cure Danny while he was in the asylum and disagreed with Pickman's solution by killing Danny and instead insisted he could be cured with many sessions.


Judy Sender

A recruiter for the Project. She finds new soldiers and test subjects through clubs and brothels. Danny goes looking for her after he escapes the asylum, for help remembering his past.


Mrs. Lamb

Danny's unnamed wife. When Danny escapes he begins to see visions of her, but doesn't remember who she is or what happened to her.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Supporting characters have a smaller role in the story or do not appear very often.


Michael Grant

Danny's former best friend and co-worker. When Leo goes out of control, the Project use Michael as bait.

Stanley Grex

The main source of funding for the Project. In vengeful spite, Leo has Danny assassinate Grex with a sniper rifle.


Hunters are the many groups of enemies encountered that must be killed to pass each level.

Mentioned CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Deborah: Danny's doctor at the asylum, until Leo broke out of his chains and choked her to death.

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