Gary Schaffer
Game: GTA III (mentioned)
Manhunt (voice)
Name: Gary Schaffer
Nationality: American
Group: Cops
Location(s): Carcer City
Business(es): Carcer City Police Department
Allies: Lionel Starkweather
Enemies: James Earl CashJounalist
Status: Alive (possibly imprisoned)
Voiced by: Unknown

Gary Schaffer is an unseen character in Manhunt and a mentiioned character in Grand Theft Auto III, another game by Rockstar North. He is the corrupt police chief of the CCPD in the Grand Theft Auto world and is a close ally of Lionel Starkweather, who controls Carcer City. He takes bribes from Starkweather to allow the gangs roam the streets for his films as well as keep things under control when they go wrong. Gary never makes an actual appearance in-game, but his voice is heard during a phone call between him and Starkweather during the scene, Press Coverage.


Gary joined the CCPD and at some point became chief, allowing him to take bribes from Lionel Starkweather. In 2001, Gary was arrested for coruption but the charges were cleared due to witnesses not turning up. In 2003, he was contacted by Starkweather and informed about the escape of James Earl Cash, so he sends his police officers after him and the Journalist, but they are all killed by James. When James kills Starkweather, he unintentionally leads the police to the mansion where they discover Gary's involvement in the snuff film ring and arrest him. In court he pleads "not guilty".

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