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Game: Manhunt
Name: Rob-
Also known as: Journalist • Reporter
Nationality: American
Location(s): Reporter's apartment
Vehicle(s): Blista Compact
Allies: James Earl Cash
Enemies: Lionel StarkweatherGary Schaffer
Status: Alive (commited at an asylum)
Voiced by: Kate Miller
The unnamed Journalist (her name begins with Rob-) is a character in Manhunt. She is a reporter and anchor for Carcer City News and has been gathering evidence on Starkweather's activities for the past few months.


She was the reporter at James's execution and realizes it was a hoax, so all she needs to expose him, is to find James and show that he is alive, but she knows Starkweather is after her. She finds James as he is escaping the Wardogs at their apartment building and explains to him the evidences she has collected. James, wanting revenge on Starkweather, escorts her to her apartment, whilst Starkweather has Gary Schaffer send his men after them, who James kills. Once at her apartment, James tells her to take the evidence and get out of town, before he leaves. A while after this, she is reporting outside Starkweather’s estate with a mobile news team.

After Starkweather is dead, she reports about an "unknown assailant" infiltrated the location and killed him, leading the police to the center of the snuff film ring. A while after the events of Manhunt, she had a mental breakdown due to seeing so much violence and put in an asylum.

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