Laura Whyte
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Laura Whyte
Also known as: Dr. Whyte
Nationality: American
Group: Scientists
Location(s): Dixmor AsylumProject laboratories
Business(es): The Project
Weapon(s): Syringe
Allies: Daniel LambDr. PickmanMichael GrantBloodhoundsScientists
Enemies: Leo Kasper
Status: Alive
Voiced by: Linda Orth Pallavincini
Laura Whyte, better known as Dr. Whyte, is a character in Manhunt 2 and scientist working with Dr. Pickman for The Project. She believed that only Danny can destroy Leo, so therefore must help Danny remember his past.


She is a high ranking medical practitioner within "The Pickman Project" and a friend of Danny. She often disagrees with Dr. Pickman's methods, including hiring mercenaries to kill Danny and Leo. She believes that Danny should be captured alive and cured of Leo with the removal of the Pickman Bridge.


Dr. Whyte worked for The Project and was Daniel's lab partner and even helped with the implantment of Leo in Danny's mind. At first she disagreed with Pickman's choice of using Leo's personality, but Pickman convinces her that they only have one shot before they are shut down and desperatly need to show good results. After Danny and Leo are locked away at Dixmor, Leo breaks out of his chains and strangles Dr. Deborah to death, so Dr. Whyte takes over to try and help Danny.



Six years after Danny was locked away, as the riot begins, he attacks Dr. Whyte, not quite knowing what was going on and knocks her unconscious. Later she returns after Danny kills all the Bloodhounds at the TVMK studio and sedates him. When Danny wakes up, she helps him remember the night he was captured and reveals to him, what Leo has done to him and that he killed Danny's wife. Danny then battles Leo in his mind, while Whyte encourages Danny to keep fighting to stay the stronger personality. While this happens, she removes the Pickman bridge and erases Danny's memory before leaving him in the middle of nowhere to start a new life.


  • She is the only Major Character which is not killed, neither by hunters or the playable characters, though she was going to be killed in a very earlier version of the game.

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