Mrs. Lamb
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Mrs. Lamb
Nationality: American
Location(s): Lamb House
Allies: Daniel Lamb (husband)
Enemies: Leo Kasper
Status: Deceased (killed by Leo Kasper)
Voiced by: Charissa Chamorro
Mrs. Lamb is the unamed wife of Daniel Lamb, appearing in Manhunt 2, alot of the time, in Danny's imagination and in flashbacks.


Mrs. Lamb doesn't approve of Daniel subjecting himself to his own studies and is distraught over the situation. She also cares for her family.


After she married Daniel, they had two kids - a girl and later a boy - and at some point moved into a house at Wooddale Community Enclave.


They went into great debt for unknown reasons, so when The Project's funding was cut, Danny volunteered for an experiment, which Mrs. Lamb disapproved and they had an arguement.

Once Leo wanted to take over Danny's mind, Leo needed to destroy Danny's past, so he evaded the cops and SWAT as he enters the Lamb House one night and stabbed Mrs. Lamb to death with a kitchen knife in front of Danny's son. When Danny reverts back to himself, he finds himself standing over his dead wife, covered in blood and holding the knife, leading to his encarceration at Dixmor Asylum and his memory being erased.



Six years later - after their escape - Danny and Leo arrive back at the house where Danny begins to hallucinate, seeing Mrs. Lamb as well as his kids. Danny has a few more flashbacks and hallucinations of his wife after this. Once Danny is reminded what Leo did to his wife, he battles Leo in his mind until he comes across his dead wife's body and he carries her across the cemetary towards her grave and burries her.


  • Her ghost can be seen at the Titty Citty strip club. Look at the dancer in the second window without killing the civilian.
  • An unused line in Personality Clash's gxt file says "Carry Sarah's corpse to her grave." This implies that Danny's wife's name was/is Sarah, or it may be his daughter, but this seems to be very unlikely, since his daughter was being cared by Laura Whyte after the incident.

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