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Game: Manhunt
Name: Piggsy
Location(s): Starkweather’s estate
Business(es): Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapon(s): Chainsaw
Enemies: James Earl CashCerberusScarecrow
Status: Deceased (killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by: Hunter Platin

Piggsy is an insane killer who wears a severed pig’s head as a mask. He used to be a star in Starkweather’s film industry until Starkweather got bored with him and locked him away in the attic of his mansion.


Piggsy became the highest rated star of Valiant Video Enterprises, starring in a six hour long film of killing, entitled 'Piggsy’s Greatest Hits'. He also had another film 'Piggsy’s Bloopers'. At some point he had an unknown conflict with Scarecrow, who hopes to one day return and kill Piggsy.

Events of ManhuntEdit

When Starkweather chose to use James Earl Cash for his new film, he chained Piggsy up in the attic, where he fed off corpses, until he breaks free and gets hold of a chainsaw. He went outside and killed many Cerberus in spite, which distracts them long enough for James to escape their custody and enter the mansion. Piggsy then ambushes James in the elevator, but James crawls through the roof-vent and into the attic, where Piggsy soon catches up to him. Piggsy and James hunt each other down in the attic until James wounds Piggsy by stabbing him three times in the back with glass and broken wood. Piggsy then heads to another part of the attic and James follows, who fools Piggsy into standing on a grid in the floor which collapses under his weight. Piggsy grabs onto the ledge, dropping the chainsaw, which James then picks up. James then saws through Piggsy’s arms, causing him to fall several stories to his death.

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