The Pervs
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: The Pervs
Also known as: Sexual Deviants
Type: Criminal Organization
Sadistic Perverts
Members: Georgy-Boy
Front(s): Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon
Velvet Glove
Allies: The Project
Judy Sender
Enemies: Daniel Lamb
Leo Kasper
Voiced by: Marco Barricelli
Erza Knight
Dennis Ostremaier
Jay O. Sanders
Otto Sanchez
Scott Sowers

The Pervs are a gang made up of sadistic perverts and pedophiles that appear in Manhunt 2.


The Pervs are a gang which recruit test subjects/victims to The Project. They are made up of sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles. They are a vicious gang who have no boundaries. They prefer to taunt and/or intimidate the victim instead of kill fast and quickly. They own a strip club named Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon, which is there where they recruit the test subjects/victims. They also own a porn shop, named Velvet Glove. They also do snuff films with some victims.



They first appears during after Daniel left a clue on his old House, when a guard spots he. The guard calls in that there is suspicious activity outside the club. Then, Danny and Leo climb the wall, break a window and then they go inside the club. They had to make his own way to find, and consequently, Danny killed a lot o Pervs in he process. A Perv, however, is guarding the door which gives access to the dungeon. Because of that, Leo suggests getting a head of one of the dead Pervs to gain access. After gaining access to the dungeon, Danny killed again all the Pervs in the dungeon, but finally find Judy.

After Judy gave Daniel the keys of the Safe House, Danny has to make his way to access the safe house, and one Perv is going to the Velvet Glove. You can kill with an execution, but if he spotted the player, he will run away, possibly because of Danny and his killing spree previously.

(Beta only) After Danny exits from the safe house, some Pervs sended by the Project will appear to kill Danny, also they will appear on the Porn Theatre.


  • The Pervs and the dixmor inmates are the only gangs in the series that contain female members.
  • The Wii and PC versions features several new gang member variants, for example a donkey masked Perv in a black and white suit.
  • One of the Pervs on the PC and Wii versions of Manhunt 2 wears a pig mask on his head, seemingly as a tribute to Piggsy from the original Manhunt. Also they do Snuff films, which could be another reference to the first game.
  • The Pervs appear to be inspired by the torturers from the movie Hostel.
  • The Pervs were removed from Safe House. They were supposed to be in the Porn Theatre.

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