Appearance: he has pants with a yellow stain on the front that indicates he peed his pants.

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Game: Manhunt
Name: The Tramp
Also known as: Hobo
Business(es): Valiant Video Enterprises
Allies: James Earl CashLionel Starkweather
Enemies: Innocentz
Status: Alive
Voiced by: Mark Margolis

The Tramp is a homeless person appearing in Manhunt, who Starkweather adds to the hunt to make things difficult for James. During Drunk Driving, the Tramp will follow the player, who can tell him to wait, where he will move into the nearest shadows and stay put until told to follow again.


The Tramp has starred in previous films for Valiant Video Enterprises, such as "The Tramp Who Knew Too Much" and now returns in the newest film, with James Earl Cash. The Tramp was locked away by the Innocentz, so James kills the guard and frees him. Starkweather now informs him that none of the electric gates blocking the path will be opened unless the Tramp is with him, so James escorts him through the streets, killing more Innocentz along the way until they make it to the cemetary.

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